Introduction to Michigan Capital Advisors

Michigan Capital Advisors is a private equity firm uniquely focused on Tier II and Tier III suppliers in the automotive and transportation-related markets. These suppliers have been chronically underserved by the investment community for a variety of reasons including market cyclicality and operational complexity. This lack of access to strategic expertise and financial capital has constrained the suppliers’ ability to keep up with the evolving industry demands and has limited their ability to diversify within and beyond the automotive and transportation space.

Michigan Capital Advisors sees a tremendous opportunity to invest in middle-market Tier II and III suppliers with proven management teams and demonstrable track records. The firm was founded by Charles G. “Chip” McClure, who along with the rest the leadership team has more than 60 years of combined industry experience. The industry knowledge and customer relationships that Mr. McClure and others on the team have in the industry, coupled with the operational expertise and efficient access to appropriate capital, ensures the ability to develop and implement a value creation thesis for our portfolio companies.

Industry Segments of Focus