Investment Strategy

Michigan Capital Advisors invests in companies possessing a sustainable competitive advantage or disruptive technology. Our unique, stage agnostic investment strategy is focused on the industries and communities we know best. MCA's Investment Team and Advisory Board possess decades of C-suite and board-level operational experience and have long-standing relationships with CEOs, senior executives, and industry specialists. The team's industry knowledge and customer relationships in the transportation and manufacturing industries, coupled with operational expertise and efficient access to appropriate capital, ensure the ability to develop and implement a value-creation thesis.

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Angel Investments:

Equity Check: $100k-500k

Unique Technologies

Board & CEO Advisory

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VC Investments:

Equity Check: $1M-5M

Growth & Expansion Stage

Board Membership

PE Investments:

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Equity Check: $1M+

Transportation & Manufacturing

Operationally Focused

Deal Flow
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