Portfolio Companies

Location: Wixom, MI
Investment Date: April 2017
Website: www.lightguidesys.com

LightGuide Inc. uses proprietary software and high-powered projector systems to guide and confirm the completion of complex tasks. From assembly to quality control to training, LightGuide Inc. technology provides the visualization, traceability, and flexibility demanded by leading companies worldwide. Key industries include aerospace, agriculture, automotive, energy, heavy equipment, and medical. LightGuide Inc. is headquartered in Wixom, MI.

Location: Canton, MI
Investment Date: October 2018
Website: www.fusioncoolant.com

Fusion Coolant Systems ("FCS") utilizes the unique chemical and physical characteristics of supercritical carbon dioxide to deliver clean cooling and lubrication that improves the speed of the cutting process as well as extends the life of cutting tools. FCS's Pure-Cut technology eliminates laborious and expensive part cleaning while increasing material removal speeds and tool life. FCS has developed customer relationships across the automotive, aerospace, and medical markets where supercritical carbon dioxide has demonstrated very early value add on customer's investments as a superior fluid for material removal applications.

Location: Wixom, MI
Investment Date: October 2018
Website: www.ventechlhg.com

Ventech, LLC is the manufacturer of a revolutionary supplemental heating system called the Liquid Heat Generator ("LHG"). The LHG is a supplemental heating system designed, patented, and fabricated for portable or mobile applications where an engine or motor is available. The LHG generates heat by means of friction produced by fluid circulating between two specially designed circular chambers, one chamber rotating against the other stationary chamber. This process generates 98% efficiency in converting rotational energy to heat energy and has a wide array of market opportunities within the automotive, heavy truck, and diesel generator industries.

Location: Metro Detroit, MI
Investment Date: August 2020
Website: www.verge.io

Verge.io has re-imagined the needs of IT from the bottom up, by successfully virtualizing the entire IT stack into a single elegant software platform that runs on commodity hardware. The Company’s software solution eliminates the need for proprietary hardware, SANs, hypervisors, firewall, DDoS devices, DR software and appliances, backup software, network routers, AV, a team of experts, and patchwork of integration from a dozen vendors. Verge customers are realizing a 50% capex reduction, 50% opex savings, and 50% lower carbon footprint while increasing performance and security.

Location: Warminster, PA
Investment Date: December 2020

Website: www.havis.com

Headquartered in Warminster, PA, with a history dating back more than 80 years, Havis, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of ruggedized mobile workforce solutions for public safety and enterprise markets. The Company’s products are integrated into customer vehicles and equipment, enhancing the functionality of technology and maximizing user productivity through a deep commitment to comfort, safety, and quality. Havis takes a customer-centric approach to its business and is dedicated to consistently researching and developing innovative, value-added products and solutions for mobile and related applications worldwide.