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Portfolio Companies

Fusion Coolant Systems

Fusion Coolant Systems Pure-Cut® and Pure-Cut®+ systems bring supercritical carbon dioxide technology to machine tooling, allowing customers to achieve incredible tool life and performance improvements. Fusion's technology is easy to integrate, lowers the manufacturing carbon footprint, and eliminates worker exposure to hazardous fluid chemicals.

Havis is the market leader in optimized ruggedized mobility and technology-enabled solutions. Havis designs, engineers and builds safe, ergonomic products to support mobile productivity. Havis products are integrated into customer vehicles and equipment, enhancing the functionality of technology and maximizing user productivity through a commitment to comfort, safety, and quality.


LightGuide’s patented projected augmented reality software platform dramatically standardizes and improves any manual process by projecting virtual step-by-step instructions onto an employee’s work surface. LightGuide is human-centric AR, helping create a safer, more satisfying environment for your workforce. The technology is enterprise-ready and easily interfaced with common cloud platforms for custom dashboards and analytics.


Obi is a revolutionary robotic dining assistive technology for those with upper extremity limitations. Obi blends cutting-edge robotics, elegant design, intuitive controls, and a friendly personality to give individuals the freedom to dine with independence.


Ventech manufactures the Liquid Heat Generator, a revolutionary rapid auxiliary heating and engine load system. The LHG solves key issues in many vehicle and diesel engine applications. The technology makes an engine operate more efficiently, saving money and benefiting the environment. Ventech has secured more than twenty global utility patents to-date for its unique technology.

Ventech has re-imagined IT needs from the bottom up by successfully virtualizing the entire IT stack into a single elegant software platform that runs on commodity hardware. allows users to have nested multi-tenant virtual data centers from commodity servers, resulting in significant capital savings, increased operational efficiencies, reduced risk, and rapid scalability.
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