Fusion Coolant Systems Expands Customer Center

Canton, Mich. (November 4, 2019)Fusion Coolant Systems, manufacturer of an advanced coolant and lubrication system for CNC machines called “Pure-Cut,” has seen some of the largest automotive, aerospace and medical device manufacturers around the world come through their doors. The global emphasis on sustainable development has played a dynamic role in Fusion’s recent success, with companies looking for a cleaner, safer and more efficient alternative to traditional cutting fluids. With multiple customer visits scheduled every week, Fusion has expanded its facility and capabilities to set them up for long-term success.  

With a rapid increase in customer demand, Fusion has responded by expanding its customer center in Canton, Michigan. “We have added more machining capacity, doubled the size of our facility and expanded our research efforts into different materials and operations,” said Brian Ahlborn, president and CEO of Fusion. “We also installed a larger recycled CO2 tank to support the additional machine tools. It’s large enough to provide for future expansion as well.” The additional infrastructure will support both customer test applications and internal research development.

In the last year, Fusion has seen its customer center grow to three machine tools, and a fully integrated, advanced CO2 unit that can handle up to 10 Pure-Cut boxes. “The CO2 infrastructure we installed at our own facility is very similar to what our customers install at their sites,” said Scott Jones, director of engineering. “It allows customers coming through to see how easy it is to integrate into their operation and lets them see just how small the footprint really is.”

The three machine tools have also provided a workspace fit for both internal research and customer projects. “We are constantly looking to provide more data to current and future customers” said Craig Happel, vice president of sales. “With the expansion of our customer center, we’ve also implemented enhanced video and data acquisition tools, allowing our customers to share the performance of Pure-Cutting on their parts to their colleagues as accurately as possible.” 

Fusion also expanded into the adjacent suite earlier this year for more office space as well as a secured area to store customer specific data and tools away from the eyes of people walking through the center. “We work on a lot of highly confidential projects for our customers in aerospace, automotive, medical, defense and more, and we needed a secure place to house this. The new suite has allowed for this and came at a good time with our team growing as much as it has,” Happel said.