J. Max Rogers

J. Max Rogers
Operating Partner

Max Rogers serves as Operating Partner for Michigan Capital Advisors. Concurrently, Rogers and his firm (Raravis Ventures) are involved in management consulting, private equity transaction due diligence, and post-acquisition support including interim operational management and sales/marketing functions.

Rogers launched into Raravis Ventures following his tenure as the President and CEO of HFI LLC, a market leading Tier 2 for interior products serving the overall transportation market (light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles). Prior to HFI, Rogers was the President and CEO for the North America Region within Grupo Antolin, a privately held business focused within Automotive Interiors primarily centered around headliners, interior trim, overhead and center consoles, ambient and functional lighting, and window regulators and modules.

Leading up to his position at Grupo Antolin, Rogers’ background included several senior executive level positions with global responsibility within Delphi Automotive; VP Consumer Electronic Business Unit – Delphi Product and Service Solutions; Executive Director of Sales and Marketing – Delphi Packard; and Executive Director of Sales and Marketing – Delphi Thermal Systems. In addition to his experience at Delphi, Rogers spent over six years in progressive management and executive positions with TRW, primarily in the Sales and Marketing functional domain.

Before beginning his career in industry, Max was a highly decorated veteran in the U.S. Navy (8+ years of service), were he was both a Naval Aviator and Test Pilot.

Max holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, a Masters of Science degree in Aerospace Systems from the University of Tennessee, and a Master degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University.