Investment Strategies

Post-Seed Venture Capital

  • MCA equity check from $100k - $5M+
  • Disruptive technology with an impact on industries MCA partners and advisors possess expertise and experience in
  • Minority investments rights and protections with seat on the board of directors or board observer rights
  • Green and renewable technologies with a focus on ESG

Operational Equity

  • MCA equity check from $1M - $10M
  • MCA invests as a minority partner alongside other financial and institutional investors providing industry expertise, customer contacts and operational focus
  • Pari passu investment rights and proportional sharing of fees
  • Focus on transportation industry

Private Equity

  • MCA equity check of $5M+
  • Revenue of $10M - $100M, with positive EBITDA and cash flow
  • Investment types include recapitalizations, management buyouts, family transitions, corporate carve-outs and divestitures
  • Focused on Tier II and III suppliers in the automotive and transportation related industries with a presence in or opportunity to expand to Michigan