Partnering with MCA

Industry Expertise

  • Deep expertise in and a unique focus on the automotive and transportation-related industries.
  • Proven ability to diversify into aerospace, appliances, medical devices, and other manufacturing verticals.
  • Long-standing relationships with CEOs, other senior executives and industry leaders and specialists.

Operational Focus

  • Value creation through revenue growth and operational improvements, not financial engineering.
  • Conservative capital structure and a disciplined approach to valuation to mitigate risk and increase returns.
  • Deep roster of experienced executives to augment and advise management teams.

Transparency & Partnership

  • Efficient underwriting process with direct access to the decision makers.
  • Honest and timely feedback on all opportunities.
  • Long-term investment horizon motivated by what is best from a strategic and a value creation standpoint.
  • Principals are investors in the fund driving full alignment with our management partners and LPs.