Venture Capital Investments

While mainly focused on typical private equity investments, Michigan Capital Advisors sees tremendous opportunity investing in early to late stage venture capital companies that have created a disruptive technology. While mainly focused on technologies that will have an impact on the transportation industry, MCA understands that sometimes not even a founder knows the path a young company will ultimately take and has current investments in companies that are taking off in industries such as medical devices, aerospace, and quick service restaurants. MCA looks to provide value to these companies by leveraging contacts throughout industries to make customer introductions and find potential acquisition partners, along with assisting founders in improving the overall operational efficiency and strategic plan for their company.

  • Disruptive technology with some impact on the transportation industry.
  • MCA equity check from as low as $500k up to $5M(+).
  • Minority investments rights and protections with a seat on the board of directors.